Mediterranean Cosmos

The Mediterranean Cosmos, in the region of Pilea, southeast of Thessaloniki, is the first and largest shopping and entertainment center of its kind in northern Greece, a total area of ​​250,000 sq.m., offering residents a unique combination of entertainment, shopping and cultural activities.

With easy access from downtown and surrounding areas, just five minutes from the international airport "Macedonia" by major highways. There is road access from all directions, while part of the carriage of a media network in Thessaloniki. The Centre includes a wide range of commercial operations (214 stores, including 37 restaurants and cafes), supermarket supermarket chains known, playground, baby care rooms, information desk, bank, pharmacy, laundry, hairdresser, photographer, church, various dining and recreation for the whole family and services for people with disabilities.

It is designed in two main levels, with a total shopping area of ​​approximately 46,350 square meters, which are served by indoor walkways and approximately 3,000 parking spaces above ground, split evenly into five main entrances.

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